About the Breed


What kind of dog is that ?

     The Korthals Griffon, KG,  Griff or Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a Sporting breed created by Dutchman Edward Karel Korthals around 1873 in Biebesheim, Germany. His dream was to create the ideal versatile gun dog that could hunt in the field, and retrieve from water with equal enthusiasm.  The breed is extremely resilient, and devoted to its family.

      If you are considering a Korthals Griffon as a member of your family there are some things you need to know to ensure that this partnership will be a positive, successful and long one. The KGA would like to help you in your quest.

     Here in the UK the KG falls into the HPR Gundog category that hunt, point and retrieves. But they are quite different from the majority of HPR’s most of us are familiar with.. Griffons do not make good full-time kennel dogs as they are quite tender heartedand very social and as such will be very unhappy if left home alone for extended periods.

    A KG whose needs are met daily and who is exercised with purpose can be an exceptionally loving and easy to live with member of the family. They are excellent with children of all ages. Their existing purpose however, is to hunt and as such they possess a prey drive. Subsequently, they are happiest when they can be exposed to game birds, rabbits, and hares etc on a regular basis. The Griff  is bright and headstrong and which is why the entire family has to be involved in training so they know what is expected of them. They love to please. They shine in agility, flyball, tracking and even search and rescue -all of which require a strong basis of obedience. They love the water and are strong swimmers. Once they have had their "run" they are calm, and actually very laid back which surprises many. You will usually find them in whatever room you are in- most often than not- at your feet. Suffice is to say the happiest and most successful KG owners are active people who enjoy outdoor activities.

     The Wirehaired coat is a non-shedding double coat that is stripped by hand or with a stripping comb/wand. Some excellent information on the process of  handstripping and the use of a stripping knife specific to wire coats can be found here.


     The Griff bred with health clearances tends to live a long and healthy life with an average lifespan between 10-14 yrs.

     If you are considering adding a Korthals Griffon to your family, we recommend the following:  Visit several breeders – ask for pedigrees- puppy availability- written guarantees, copies of health clearances (hip & elbow certification and K-Locus testing) from puppies, sire and dam.  What to look for can also be found on our web site along with a Puppy Buyer’s guide.

         The KGA is not just a “members only” association.  Our mission is to provide current information on any issues affecting the breed, educate people globally on current and past healths conditions and provide field-training events and ring craft. We also have a great deal of fun with training days and social activities that are open to all members of the family.

Thank you for showing an interest in this wonderful breed.